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Caribbean - Bonaire


Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles is an island known mostly to scuba divers which lies adjacent to Aruba at the southern tip of the Caribbean chain. It is the home of beautiful coral reefs with huge purple tube sponges, and a diverse collection of small reef creatures such as cleaner shrimp, teardrop crabs and moray eels. The reefs are visited daily both from boats and from the shore. The Island's waters are turquoise blue, its sunsets fire orange and its climate is warm and dry with plant life ranging from cactus to tropical flowers. Bonaire has a rich history, and salt ponds, petroglyphs and plantation slave hut ruins can be seen around the Island.

Spotted Moray Eel and Cleaner Goby, Bonaire

Spotted Moray Eel and Cleaner Goby, Bonaire

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