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Central America - Ensenada, Baja, Mexico


The proverbial road to Ensenada from Tijuana is as you would expect, with plenty of breathtaking scenery along the way. Ensenada is a colorful seaside village with a bustling downtown shopping and dining area and busy fish market. We don't know, but we would guess that the fish taco was invented here, considering how many restaurants and sidewalk vendors sell them. The harbor is alive with brightly painted fishing boats, people coming and going and a large population of seagulls and pelicans waiting for the leftovers from the day's catch. Just south is a beautiful spot called El Mirador, where waves entering a narrow canyon shoot up through a blowhole, creating a spectacular display. At the entrance, arts and crafts vendors peddle their wares.

Scenery along the road to Ensenada

Scenery along the road to Ensenada

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