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Caribbean - Turks & Caicos Islands



With the exception of scuba divers, most people have never heard of the Turks and Caicos Islands. If you have ever flown from Miami to Puerto Rico, you might have flown over a huge expanse of turquoise water, and not realized that what you were seeing was the Caicos Banks. These low lying flat coral islands are located at the southern tip of the Bahamas, just north of the Dominican Republic. Here, where the continental shelf plunges thousands of feet into the sea, are some of the Caribbean's most pristine coral walls. The tiny, quaint island of Grand Turk has white sand beaches, Victorian guest houses and colorful buildings.

Wild Dolphins, Grand Turk

Wild Dolphins, Grand Turk

Our Turks and Caicos picture collection covers Providenciales (Provo), Grand Turk and Little Water Cay, and includes seashells, sunsets, beach umbrellas, colorful architecture, dolphins, coral reef scenes and unusual sea creatures.

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